Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Mall

Today was fun. My mom, Emily and I went to see a movie called Wreck It Ralph. It was awesome. Totally worth seeing. I also got some really cute stuff at Claires. I got a chair, just for my iPod. lol its adorable! i also i bought christmas earrings and earrings shaped like dice. Ah, shopping is so fun...
By the time the movie was over, i was stuffed. We got a large popcorn, and I ate pretty much the whole thing. I dont know how i managed to not barf, but I'm thankful I didn't. So, i hope you all had a great weekend (i know i did)
-Ana Dooley :-)


  1. The iPod chair is awesome. I want one in my size.

  2. We saw wreck it ralph to and i loved it!! And I went to Claires and got some presents for my cousin and kelly let me pick out one pair of earrings for me. Just one pair - thats like torture at claires. lol. I love that ipod chair. what is your case? it looks like it has arms. lol! ;-) -*Cleo*-