Friday, November 9, 2012

Back to Weschester

Hello everyone! This is my new blog, where I will just be posting whats going on with me. So, today I am going to the hospital (again) this week. For those of you who dont know, I've been diagnosed with a stupid tumor in my liver. It sucks, but I'm getting through it. I have been getting chemo right now and need to go to the infusion center once a week. This week, I had to go to a different hospital to talk to a surgeon about whether I need a liver transplant or not. Unfortunately, I probably do need one. So, I am going to get the infusion later today of chemo. I will be back to post a lot. Hope to see you all soon!
-Ana Dooley


  1. Ana's actually getting Pantamidine today (an antibiotic she needs once a month) not chemo. So it'll be a pretty easy trip for her.

  2. Glad to hear directly from you Ana! Love you! Aunt Amy.

  3. Ana, I love your new blog! I'll visit this to see what you are writing. I hope today's hospital visit goes well. I always believe in giving yourself a treat after you go through a day like that. Love you very much! Susan

  4. Hi Ana, This is Cleo. It's cool you have your own blog!! It does suck that you had to go back to the hospital today. Well Ill write more later. TTYL!!!! Cleo

  5. Ana, I am a friend of your Grandma Judy's. I have been following your trials closely and am so sorry for all you have been through. You sound like quite a trooper and I am very proud of you for finding the courage and strength to be sick. It's not easy. I write a blog too and it has been very helpful in helping me deal with my own health problems. I hope you find the same and look forward to your posts.
    Best of luck,