Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am Sick

I am getting a cold. Ugh. Thank goodness I dont have a fever. If I had a fever, I would have to get admitted to the hospital. Luckily, so far I haven't gotten a high temperature since I got discharged. I am kind of exhausted from yesterday. We went to the hospital and actually got to talk to the surgeon we want to go with for my transplant. None of us were expecting him to show up (I thought he was in the middle of an operation). But yeah, that was a pleasant surprise.... I guess. All these insurance issues we are having though are confusing me. I don't really know what the dealio is... See y'all later!
-Ana Dooley


  1. Hopefully, you feel better, because you went to school today. Yay!

    By the way, those insurance issues confuse the heck out of a lot of adults, too. Our society has made them way too complicated when we need to concentrate on ways to care for everyone. I hope by the time you are an adult that it is a lot better. I think it will be.

    Hope you had a great day seeing everybody at school, Ana. See ya!


  2. I'm glad you didn't get a fever too. The insurance issues are confusing everyone - even the doctors. Don't even worry about it, sweetie.